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Monday, June 09, 2008

Craven Cops' Cowardly Custody Cavil

The threat level terror of the terror threat level of the level of terror threat to hard-working British resources was raised to hitherto unprecedented levels of threatened terror today as it was revealed that anti-counter-terror elements of the law enforcement community have denounced Government plans for not permitting terrorists to change our way of life.

Several members of the best police force in the world after Blackwater USA broke ranks to claim that the police industry does not have "a uniform professional view" of Government plans to preserve British values by interning people without charge for six weeks.

Senior CEOs in the police industry expressed concerns about potential damage to relations with the terrorist-grooming community and fear that detectives will be forced to fake evidence and then face the shame and degradation of not being sacked, demoted or prosecuted.

The Prime Minister has written to all Labour MPs, pleading for their support on the grounds that "it is better to prepare for the worst than simply hope for the best", as with the more terminal aspects of the Government's environmental policy.

Although ministers have neither confirmed nor denied the possibility of a Stalinist purge in the upper echelons of one of the best police forces in the world, the dissent in the enforcement community will inevitably lead to Government concern that elements of the police may potentially join the public in not knowing what is best for them.


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