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Monday, July 23, 2007

Handy Disposable Iraqis

From Dan Hardie via Rachel North, yet another indication of the British government's concern for the well-being of those who serve it; in this case, those Iraqis who believed all that guff about freedom and democracy, or those who are simply using their various skills to try and stay alive in the eternally improving security situation which the British government has done so much to help create. In response to the threat of death hanging over those Iraqis who have collaborated with British troops, the government has (a) told its embassy in Syria not to let in any Iraqi refugees; and (b) advised Iraqis who feel themselves at risk to "register with the UN refugee agency", rather than risk becoming asylum seekers in the United Kingdom.

Given our role in making Iraq what it is today, I don't believe this is quite good enough. Those who have worked for British troops at risk of their lives should not be told "'Bye, mugs," and abandoned to their fate. It is both imprudent and impolite. Leaving aside the ethical aspect of the matter, which will need explaining only to those incapable of grasping it, there is surely a certain short-sightedness in expecting trust, co-operation, even sacrifice from the subject races if we behave in this ungentlemanly fashion?

Please write to your MP and raise this issue. Read Dan Hardie's post, follow his links to the relevant news stories, and suggest strongly to your MP that these Iraqis and their dependents should be granted the right to reside in Britain indefinitely. Please be polite: MPs worth their keep deserve it, and the rest should be given no further excuses to ignore their constituents.

There is also a petition.


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