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Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's Your Choice

A high court judge has ruled that the Vicar of Downing Street's consultation over the radioactive-waste part of his legacy was "misleading" and "seriously flawed". And in Tony's Choice Emporium, too. Imagine that.

As usual, mere legalisms are not to be permitted to affect his reverence's actions: "This won't affect the policy at all," the Vicar said, while the Secretary of State for Bending Over for the CBI said that he would "put it right and consult properly", so that public opinion would have a chance to enable the Government to "make sure we can get the process back on track".

The CBI's little Darling noted that, because of climate change, the country was in "a race against time" to reduce dependency on oil and gas, which are increasingly rare and which cause pollution. Hence the importance of the change to nuclear power, which will increase dependence on cheap, clean and plentiful uranium, with which the planet is, of course, overflowing.

"On a matter so important as climate change," the dear one lectured the BBC, carelessly throwing aside such encumbrances as relevance to the subject at hand, "it just isn't possible to stand back and say: 'We don't have any views'". The Government's view is that the country's future energy supplies should be forty per cent nuclear and, above all, profitable to private investors. Nevertheless, according to Mr Justice Sullivan, the consultation document issued thirteen months ago "contained no information of any substance on any of the issues identified as being of crucial importance" and "was not merely inadequate but it was also misleading." Imagine that.


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