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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

How Your Taxes Pay For BBC Communists

Despite what you may suspect, the Daily Mail, that bastion of clean living and plain speaking in a Britain inundated with asylum seekers, infested with Islamofascists, owned by lesbian feminazis and besieged by Europeans from Brussels who don't know their place, is not always thrown together by sheer misfortune. Unlike its fellow ugly sister, the Express, which famously published the extent of Robert Kilroy-Silk's ignorance about the Arabs without apparent volition by anyone involved, the Mail does sometimes make use of the expedient of an editor.

At present, the expedient is something by the name of Paul Dacre, who last night delivered the Hugh Cudlipp lecture. Although Cudlipp was apparently a real journalist, Dacre's presence is not so inappropriate as it seems, since Cudlipp's Daily Mirror was sufficiently squalid to be praised as "honest, passionate and committed to the decent values of the decent majority" by the Grand Presidential Carbuncle of the David Kelly Memorial Society. It appears that the BBC is exercising "a kind of cultural Marxism" because its journalism, even after the Hutton report, remains "too often credulously trusting" and "lacking scepticism" on such matters as asylum seekers, Islamofascists, lesbian feminazis and European bureaucrats who don't remember who won the war. Dacre believes that the BBC "in every corpus of its corporate body is against conservatism with a small c", whatever that may mean; which, he would argue, "just happen to be the values held by millions of Britons". The journalism of the BBC is "reflected through a left-wing prism that affects everything" and doubtless explains why any given news programme will tend to marginalise the Reverend Tony and his shadow, Daveybloke, in favour of a barrage of quotes from such reprobates as George Galloway, Tariq Ali and George Monbiot. The reason for this is that the BBC is part of a malignant left-wing cabal of non-profit news outlets, which also includes the Murdoch Times, the Guardian and the Independent. Members of this cabal tend to be "consumed by the kind of political correctness that is patronisingly contemptuous of what it describes as ordinary people".

Paul Dacre is not a frequent public speaker.


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