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Sunday, January 29, 2006

The State of the Art in Soluble Teeth

Tired of those insipid incisors, corny canines and mundane molars? Fed up with your enamels, but too busy with your full, rich life to change them more than a couple of times a year?

Your problems are over, thanks to new SoluDentz™, the new soluble teeth solution from Prulge and Huxter. We're all familiar with the advantages of soluble teeth. They're clean, convenient, don't need brushing and can always be replaced. But we at Prulge and Huxter never stop snapping at the heels of progress in disposable dentition.

New SoluDentz™, the state of the art in soluble teeth, are easily fixable with minimal agony and will remain pristine for a full, guaranteed 24 hours before they fade away.

New SoluDentz™ from Prulge and Huxter dissolve easily and leave your mouth tingly fresh with one of seventeen freshly tingular flavours!

New SoluDentz™ from Prulge and Huxter come in sets of twelve (six upper, six lower) and can be fixed in minutes so that, even in the unlikely event of an unforeseen dental dissolvement, all you need to do is grab another set from the pack!

New SoluDentz™ from Prulge and Huxter are available in three handy sizes: BigMouth™ for that important meeting, PearliWhyte™ for that candle-lit brunch, and milk-soluble, anti-choking KiddiDent™ for the little ones.

New from Prulge and Huxter.

Coming soon from Prulge and Huxter: Let the wit and wisdom of the ages emerge from your very own mouth! New Wisdom Teeth™ with semi-digestible micro-playback unit. Just bite down and one of 20,000 pre-recorded maxims, epigrams and one-liners will be randomly played to entertain and edify your companions.

Another great innovation from Prulge and Huxter PLC. You pay us to take it in your mouth.


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