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Monday, January 07, 2013

Wood and Worm

Britain's Head Boy and his fag have been using the Conservative Party's fifty-page mid-term rah-rah as an opportunity to talk to the prole on the street in language he can understand, with predictably disastrous results. As one would expect of a jumped-up junior salesman with criminal associates, Daveybloke described the coalition agreement by plagiarising someone else's advertising slogan: "It is a Ronseal deal. It does what it says on the tin." Presumably, no-one informed Daveybloke that Ronseal is a brand of varnish, and thus a hideously appropriate make-over for a couple of splintery gimcrack woodentops like Wee Nicky and himself, even though it does not usually come in yellow or puce.


  • At 8:44 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I was in I think Q&B today and I wanted a tin of Varnish but look as I may all I could see was a battered tin in the clearance bin I thought what the heck! it'll do the job! I took it to the checkout to buy my purchase but the manager who was serving told me that tha can was dented and punctured and had n "Nicks" all over it and Despite what David the stock controler said, he wasn't confident that what was in the tin would do the job. So I asked what will they do with it?. Oh at stocktaking they will likely throow it in the bin and get a new tin!.


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