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Monday, February 21, 2011

A New Presumption

If there's one human resource in the country that is being utilised to the full, that human resource must be Daveybloke's dead child. Daveybloke's latest little job for this versatile infant is as an anecdotal excuse for privatising the entire public sector, apart perhaps from the judiciary, the Territorial Support Group and MI5. The Government claims (or "hopes", as the Guardian's resident psychic hath it) that charities which have suffered devastating budget cuts in the Government's ideological assault will see this new scam as an opportunity to get involved in running public services, which have suffered devastating budget cuts in the Government's ideological assault. It is just possible that this cunning plan may contain one small but fatal flaw. Anyway, Daveybloke's motivation for the attack is apparently that he never understood why local authorities had more control over his son's care budget than Daveybloke and his wife. Clearly, given his approval for Twizzler Lansley's plot to turn general practitioners into part-time accountants, Daveybloke cannot conceive why anyone involved in the human resource repair industry, whether as provider or as customer, might not want to do their own sums. Of course, nobody capable of prolonged personal contact with the likes of Andy Coulson and Nick Clegg can have much talent for embarrassment; but really, even so economical a resource as a dead child can only carry an argument so far, and if used too often it may even start to stink a bit.


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