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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Britain First

Since Labour is the party of working people, it is only natural that the CEO of Team Starmer should be burbling rah-rah and goo-goo at the readership of Britain's great Press bastion of bile-spewing senility. In a meditation upon patriotism for St George's Day, after the style of St Anthony of Baghdad before his transfiguration, the apostle proclaimed that the Conservative Party has forfeited the right to call itself patriotic; apparently on the grounds that it cannot withstand dissent sufficiently to denounce its leadership's critics as antisemites. The Conservatives have also trashed a number of national institutions, in whose foundation any patriot would be proud and grateful to have played the usual retrospective part between winning world wars. Cited examples include the NHS, to whose continuing effective abolition Team Starmer has repeatedly committed itself; and NATO, an organisation for killing people in the interests of transnational corporations. For good measure, the CEO of Team Starmer also shrugged off concerns which have been raised by the lesser breeds over the orgasmic splurging of the St George cross and its subordinates across Labour's election propaganda. Along with all the other democratic virtues, dissent combined with tolerance is a famously British trait, and readers of the Maily Toryguff will doubtless rejoice that their votes are so much more tolerable to Team Starmer than those of the fuzzy-wuzzies.


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