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Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Insidious Ironies

Connoisseurs of liberty, especially those from plucky little nations with a history of standing up to looming and formidable foes, will recall the regrettable position of Central America in the nineteen-eighties. Menaced by the spectre of imminent and overwhelming attack from Communist superpowers on the order of Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, the USA was forced to take defensive measures. After the usual fashion of such noble endeavours, these soon went ironically awry and led to the emergence of "fledgling democracies" overseen by fascist death squads ironically trained and funded by courtesy of the US taxpayer. Ironically, Honduras is skirting dangerously close to scaring the ever-cowering Pentagon into a newly defensive posture. Having elected a president named Castro, which alone would be bad enough, Honduras may withdraw its recognition of plucky little Formosa in order to strengthen ties with the Heathen Chinee, despite the US government having made clear its own continuing good wishes for Honduran sovereignty and economic stability. The diplomatic move towards Beijing is even seen in some quarters as an attempt to balance the influence of the World Cop by appointment to God, the international community and Manifest Destiny. It is certainly to be hoped that this latest ironic twist of fate does not lead Washington to any unprofitable overreactions in favour of peace, freedom, justice or decency.


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