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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Certain Whiff of Gove

Well, here's a thing: despite the announcement of a rah-rah new policy to start cleaning up Britain's air in as little as a quarter of a century from now, the jabbering homunculus that is Michael Gove has no real intention of improving on the prole-gassing régime of his sometime chum, the erstwhile London Haystack. Blathered about with much fanfare and more or less uncritically puffed in the headlines of Britain's leading liberal newspaper, the pledge to ban new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040 turned out to be just another bit of noise in the classroom to distract from the fact that, despite having been twice dragged through the courts over the country's illegal pollution levels, the Government's silly little boys still cannot be bothered to do their homework. The jabbering homunculus has decreed that any clean-air measures coming into force before 2040 will be the sole responsibility of local authorities, with no national policy and no guidance from Westminster except, presumably, when ministers' wholly legitimate outside interests appear in peril of falling into unprofitability. If Britain is looking for a jabbering homunculus to take over the Department of the Environment purely in order to be fobbed off with responsibility for the environment, it's clear that Michael Gove is a jabbering homunculus bred from the womb of an altogether more putrid mare.


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