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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Security Reasons

Though Tin-Pot Tessie's advisers may have changed, the advice clearly has not: at all costs, avoid contact with angry proles. The dead-eyed warden visited the scene of the Grenfell Tower disaster, and had herself photographed in a number of contorted postures ("hand to chin, Prime Minister - that means thoughtful, remember"), surrounded by emergency service crews in order to show, presumably, that the Osbornomic miracle and the London Haystack have left one or two behind. Apparently she even spoke to some of them, probably about further efficiency savings given the high ratio of personnel on the ground relative to the expendability of the combusted resources. She was protected at all times against encountering any of the surviving local fauna; doubtless her handlers had noticed that there were reports of Muslims in the vicinity.

The sordid little stunt was greeted with expectable derision; but since nobody is going to let Tin-Pot Tessie fight another election her sub-Brownian personal appeal hardly matters any more. Now that the Conservatives have unilaterally abrogated the Good Friday agreement, they can cling onto office for at least a few months longer and allow the dead-eyed warden either to improve her own performance or else to sink low enough that Amber Rudd, David Davis or Philip Hammond will start looking like reasonable alternatives. By then the Grenfell Tower residents and their unrefined habits will have been deported from Kensington and subsumed once more into the faceless mass of swarming cockroaches (one of the dead was, in fact, a Syrian refugee). An election in the autumn, when students are changing addresses, could well have a salutary effect on the electorally immature; and until the great day dawns, there is really no reason to risk anyone dangling the dead-eyed warden from a lamp-post unless absolutely necessary.


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