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Thursday, February 09, 2017

Champions of Containment

Having dumped the Dubs amendment, which would have swamped our British values with up to seven refugee children per local authority, the Ministry for Wog Disposal has trashed the Dubs amendment's flat, broken the Dubs amendment's furniture and posted revenge porn on the Dubs amendment's Facebook page. The care and welfare of families scheduled for deportation is to be entrusted no longer to the Barnardo's children's charity, but to those efficient people at G4S, whose record of compassionate probity is second only to that of the Conservative Party. A "discrete self-contained unit" (child prison, in Standard English) will open in the spring, and G4S will be required to "provide support to children and families while they await their removal, to help them to come to terms with the plans for their return and to help them make preparations for their departure and future resettlement" - a programme which may or may not include education and other luxuries which are properly the preserve of the wealthy, but which will almost certainly be carried out in such a fashion as to hurt the wogs more than the profits. It remains as yet unclear whether G4S will be permitted, as was its recent policy, to charge the taxpayer for containing those fiendishly cunning wogs who take advantage of our generosity by not actually existing.


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