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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Of Busts and Boobs

Champions of the whining and wheedling party to the Special Relationship (viz. the party that believes a "special relationship" actually exists) will be comforted to know that the Trumpster's first act of international diplomacy has been to restore to the Oval Office the notorious bust of Sir Winston Boris de Pfeffel Churchill. This idol was the subject of much patriotic indignation when Obama supposedly demoted it in order to make room for a bust of a coloured person, with the then London Haystack blathering about the president's "ancestral dislike of the British Empire", although it is not altogether clear whether the implication was supposed to be that Obama was a Kenyan Muslim communist or simply that he was a piccaninny. Since Churchill was thoroughly moneyed, obscenely entitled, a blustering incompetent, a verbose self-promoter and an enthusiastic wog-bomber and substance abuser (though Winston favoured the snifter while Donald favours the snort), there are any number of reasons why the Trumpster might identify with him aside from the fact that his image now adorns Britain's least valuable and most plastic banknote. Given the likely extent of his grasp of British history, to say nothing of the specialness of the relationship, it seems probable that the Trumpster simply wished to restore the Oval Office d├ęcor to the way it was during the tenure of the Bush chimpanzee.


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