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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Not On the Same Page

Two meddlesome women, one with a blatantly Romanian surname, are pestering MPs with, of all things, free books. The ladies seem to have got it into their heads that certain members of the British parliament have been fostering a hostile attitude towards refugees. This is, of course, as laughable a misconception as the idea that a David Davies or an Amber Rudd might be moved to think twice, or even once, if only they had something decent to read instead of the Rothermere Stürmer. Most parliamentarians, especially those who speak forthrightly of dentally-suspect swarms, are in fact acutely sensitive to the suffering of deserving refugees, such as Lord Ashcroft and Rupert Murdoch; it is only the undeserving who attract their entirely natural and melanin-indifferent ire. Cases of genuine need are always welcome to a place in our detention centres or a complimentary ticket back to the war zone; it is only the economic refugees (in Standard English, those who object to financial as opposed to political persecution) who must be disincentivised from sponging on Jeremy Hunt's business chums in the NHS. Why, the very idea that one shouldn't refer to an undeserving refugee in terms suggesting animals or insects is nearly as ridiculous as the idea that one ought to refer to a squealing little racist in terms suggesting a squealing little racist.


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