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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

When Did You Last Hear It Mentioned?

Some very nasty people have apparently been preventing Amber Rudd from talking about immigration. Amber Rudd has apparently been trying for ages and ages to have a conversation about immigration, but some very nasty people have drowned her out, or interrupted, or put her off her game by asking about her wholly legal and above-board doings in the Bahamas. In spite of the Farage Falange, in spite of the Daily Mail and the rest of the scumbag press, in spite of repeated foamings by Mad Tessie, Amber Rudd's predecessor in the Ministry for Lock 'em Up and Kick 'em Out, and in spite of the squeals of horror during the referendum campaign about Johnny Turk coming over here by the tens of millions and undermining our kebabs, poor Amber Rudd has not been allowed to have conversations about immigration.

In order to defend herself and her country against all the very nasty people who refuse to let her talk about immigration, Amber Rudd used the Conservative Party's annual rah-rah to announce a proposal to "name and shame" companies which employ too many foreigners. Various representatives of British industry have joined other Trotskyite infiltrators in denouncing that proposal as a very silly one indeed, and Amber Rudd has been forced to proclaim that turning the country into a birthplace-based autarky is not something she is definitely going to do. It would certainly be very nasty indeed of me to imply that Amber Rudd might be a race-baiting, rabble-rousing, witch-hunting, Clegg-pledging, bigot-pandering profiteer. She just needs a bit more space in which to talk about immigration.


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