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Monday, September 05, 2016

Rustlings in the Undergrowth

Although Mad Tessie has made clear the extent of her concern for the environment by putting it into the charge of the gormless Andrea Leadsom, it seems that certain members of the Not Awfully Bright Party are being a bit slow to take the hint. Thirty-six MPs have written to the dead-eyed warden of HM Prison UK, urging her to demonstrate our independence from the Euro-wogs by retaining, and then some, all the green tape which the present Imperial Haystack used to gain so much innocent fun from ignoring. Under the Common Agricultural Policy, the EU throws about three billion a year at British farmers; the thirty-six would like to see this money repatriated from Britain to Britain and used for more worthy ends than subsidising people who just sit around owning land. In case Mad Tessie was unaware of it, the thirty-six point to the Conservative Party's glorious history of environmental protection, some of which occurred as recently as 1981. Contributions to the ecosystem's stability made during Mad Tessie's time at the top include the attempt to privatise the country's trees, the ongoing crusade against badgers, and the cuts to solar for the purpose of servicing the fracking boondoggle. Apparently such little hints were also too subtle for certain elements of the Parliamentary Not Awfully Bright Party.


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