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Friday, September 16, 2016

Justice at Last

After a mere thirteen years or so, the Ministry for Wog-Bombing has proclaimed itself "extremely sorry" over the drowning of an Iraqi teenager who was forced into a Basra canal by four brave young chaps doing a wonderful job in difficult circumstances. The boy was arrested "on suspicion of looting" and subjected to a certain amount of manly due process before being taken to the canal in an armoured vehicle along with three other malefactors. They were all forced to enter the water, presumably in the absence of equipment for the more sophisticated aquatic techniques favoured by MI5 and its American chums; and the boy got into difficulties and drowned while his liberators stood by and marvelled at his ingratitude. The soldiers were tried and acquitted of manslaughter in 2006; but the Ministry for Wog-Bombing has apparently just discovered that, despite the freedomisers' lack of interest in post-liberation planning (except for grabbing the oil ministry and purging everyone who knew anything about running the country), the Iraqis had been so careless as to allow Basra to descend into a state of chaos. There are "grave concerns" about the soldiers' training and the adequacy of the resources available to them; but it remains as yet unclear how many decades it will take the Ministry of Wog-Bombing to recommend appropriate action against the rather wealthy men who placed Britain's heroes in such a regrettable situation.


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