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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Taking Back Control

Well, here's a thing: having fought and won their jolly little campaign to cut the Continent adrift, the robustly straight-talking Englishmen have taken less than twenty-four hours to go virtually full Clegg.

First, having spent the last few months promising to throw an extra three hundred and fifty million a week at the NHS, the strutting Caudillo of the Farage Falange has decided he'd really rather not; which is probably just as well, since the figure was made up anyway.

Then, having fought the campaign largely by squealing that the bloody wogs are coming over here and taking our jobs, the prominent Fox News blah-blah Dan Hannan has loftily informed his dupes that they had better not get all excited about zero immigration just yet; possibly because free movement is not going to stop - at least, not unless the new régime thinks the British economy can do without the European market.

Then, having argued for separating from Europe in double-quick time because Britishness rah rah, the London Haystack has proclaimed that the mainland is part of Europe and no less European than ever and really loves Europe and there's really no hurry about any of it.

In other words, to those among the fifty-two per cent who voted to leave on any of those three grounds: fooled you again, proles. Enjoy your democracy.


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