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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Making the Positive Case

A former Farage Falange councillor in Bristol has been defending British values from those who seek to undermine the nation that spawned Oswald Mosley, Enoch Powell and the Falange's own strutting Caudillo. A Muslim resident and family centre worker sent a group email to local councillors in which he had the temerity to quote the Koran's definition of Ramadan as "the month of prayer and guidance, discipline and tolerance, repentance and charity": all ghastly foreign traditions bound up with terrorism and female genital mutilation; and the former councillor, apparently driven to breaking point by losing his seat in last month's local elections, had no hesitation in pointing out the general inferiority of such values by comparison with those of the Farage Falange. For the benefit of any wogs who might have failed to get the message, he told the Bristol Post that "whatever race, creed or colour you are, if you want to be accepted into our country, obey the law, accept our culture, enjoy our freedom, and if you can't or won't, you have the freedom to leave." It is as yet unclear which laws have been violated and which liberties and cultural norms have been trampled by communicating about a tradition shared by a couple of million British people; but if the Farage Falange's referendum campaign has taught us anything, it is that facts are for wimps.


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