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Friday, June 17, 2016

All Decent Britons

All decent Britons abhor and deplore the assassination of Jo Cox. All decent Britons regard it as an attack on decency, democracy and British values. All decent British politicians are completely against it. All decent British prime ministers are doing their utmost to claim Cox's values as their own. All decent British journalists condemn the atmosphere of hatred and contempt for politicians which has been fostered by social media. All decent British pundits are appalled at the hatred, recrimination and mendacity which has emerged from the referendum campaign, and wish that we could all disagree a bit more respectfully with those who call us shirkers, scroungers and terrorist sympathisers. All decent British right-wing tabloids are concerned about the melanin-challenged suspect's mental health, since he does not appear to have shouted Allahu akhbar, in defiance of the precedent set by the devastating sanity of ISIS and al-Qaeda. All decent British publishers of the likes of Katie Hopkins are deeply concerned about the indecent rhetoric being used by the other side. All decent Britons look forward to the day when Cox's murder attains the status of latest excuse for censorship, government snoopery, or bringing back hanging, and everything is normal again and we can all get back to being decent and British as we always were before.


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