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Monday, April 18, 2016

The Jowls of Soft Power Wobbling With Righteousness

With another four hundred or so British jobs gloriously saved in the Mediterranean, an empty suit has toddled along to Tripoli in order to teach the natives a thing or two about running a proper country. Britain's Head Boy's Minister for Wogs, Frogs and Huns arrived just in time to undermine parliamentary rule, on the very sensible grounds that the Libyan parliament has so far failed to govern in a fashion to which Whitehall can in good conscience accommodate itself. In support of law and order and the stability of the oil market, the empty suit offered the Libyan government ten million pounds, which is almost one-thirtieth of the amount the British government spent wog-bombing the country into its present state of freedom from centralist interference, human rights and other red tape.

Meanwhile, in Britain's mother of parliaments, the Minister for Wog-bombing himself had a bit of a blather about giving the fuzzy-wuzzies what-for with the prior approval of the Commons, unless it should become necessary to give the fuzzy-wuzzies what-for without the prior approval of the Commons. Having helped to precipitate the worst refugee crisis since Churchill saved the Jews, and considerately added numerous square miles of territory to the Daesh Caliphate, Her Majesty's Government is certainly not going to let itself be artificially constrained from keeping the country safe.


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