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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Not Quite Such Nice People as the Latvian Waffen-SS Fan Club

Despite the constant necessity for Britain's Head Boy to cling to Tante Angie's apron strings, the Conservative Party is not part of the mainstream centre-right bloc in the European parliament. Finding Merkel, Berlusconi and their allies too leftist for comfort, the Conservatives left the European People's Party in 2009 to join a weird little cabal of lunatics, nasties, chancers and headbangers called the European Conservatives and Reformists. It was a particularly abject piece of Kipper-licking on the part of the Head Boy, and brought the Conservatives into fragrant alliance with the Muslim-bashing Danish People's Party, the Jew-baiting Michal Kaminski and some Latvian fans of the Waffen-SS. It now appears that one of the gang has gone a bit far by calling for illegal immigrants to be stopped at the border with firearms, rather than left to die of natural causes in concentration camps or the Mediterranean Sea. The culprits, Alternative für Deutschland, have already been "invited" to leave at a meeting in Strasbourg (aka Brussels); and should they decline the invitation a motion to expel them will be tabled in a few weeks. The Conservatives are expected to support the motion, since there is as yet no real prospect of the hypothetical firearms in question being sold for the profit of any chums of theirs.


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