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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Coming Over All Bipartisan

One of the most charming things about Islamist terrorism is the way it can beget sympathetic harmony in politicians of different parties and almost diverging beliefs. Right-wing terrorism by white wannabe-alpha males is, of course, a psychiatric and not a political phenomenon, and therefore requires little comment, let alone emotional bonding; but the Brussels atrocity has brought the shadow home secretary neatly back into his comfort zone of agreeing with Mad Tessie May. "Whatever it takes and however long it takes, we will face this threat to our way of life together," burbled Burnham; and the Home Secretary welcomed the content and tone of his remarks, which could scarcely have been less uncomfortable if Rachel "Kick 'em Harder" Reeves had added a request to take harsher measures against terror-fomenting idleness, or if Chuka Umunna had pleaded for a bit more business-warming from the bonfire of civil liberties. No mention was made of the latest court ruling against the Home Office's illegal purge of foreign students; presumably because Burnham is still trying to decide whether unprovoked dawn raids, unwarranted detention of innocent people, and the usual witch-hunter's preference for hearsay evidence over such piddling technicalities as due process, count as a threat to his way of life or as part of what it takes to face one. Doubtless Mad Tessie May will welcome Burnham's opinion, once he works out that she has arrived at it for him.


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