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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Not Quite So Full Up as We Had Been Led to Believe

Britain's Head Boy has had a bit of a burble about the refugee crisis. Apparently his handlers have warned him that pictures of dead toddlers sit rather badly with Rothermere-Stürmer rhetoric about marauding swarms, and even the father of Little Ivan™ (remember him?) can hardly be unaware of the propaganda potential of detrimented infantine resources. Britain's Head Boy proclaimed that "we are taking thousands of people, and we will take thousands of people", presumably just as soon as the Home Office and those reliable folk at Serco and G4S have drawn up plans for appropriate accommodation. Britain's Head Boy stressed the need for a final solution to the problems posed by excess wog mobility, and in particular the need for "a new government in Libya". It seems that someone or other has very carelessly deposed the old government in Libya without leaving anything viable in its place; but Britain's Head Boy apparently chose not to dwell on who the culprits might have been. Britain's Head Boy instead had a bit of a burble about President Assad and the Fighting Sons of Tony in the Middle East, while the London Haystack obligingly backed him up with some blather about sorting the telegenic from the scroungers and looking harder at the prospect of wog-bombing Syria, since wog-bombing always leads to such alluring results.


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