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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Awesome Potency of our Urges

Remarkably, even after seven years of pacificating envoyage by the Ascended Incarnation of the Reverend Blair, certain elements of the Middle East remain intractable. The Righteous State, for example, continues its programme of ethnic cleansing, inexorably booting Semites off their land in order to make way for European colonists, even when Britain and her allies in the war for peace protest with considerable assertiveness. The latest threat to a Palestinian village has been met with rumbles of disapproval from Britain, from the Euro-wogs and even from the US State Department, whose spokesbeing strongly urged the heirs of Joshua to refrain from any demolitions; possibly because one of the pretexts being used is that "the Jews were there first", which might set a dangerous precedent for Native Americans. The Euro-wogs have also strongly urged the Israelis not to destroy the village, and the British consulate-general has strongly urged that ethnic cleansing causes suffering, harms the peace process and, last and least, is contrary to international law except under certain limited circumstances possibly including a dispensation from the Reverend Blair. The urging, in fact, has been such that none of the urgers sees any necessity to pause the flow of armaments towards the Righteous State; much less impose sanctions or send a few drones to bomb Tel Aviv. So profound is the morality of the urging that, as usual, nothing so vulgar as action will be necessary.


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