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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Court Case Threat to Reckless Rat

If further proof were needed of the perils of unrestricted immigration, one of the recent migrants to the Farage Falange is being sued by his former compatriots in the Real Conservative Party. Mark Reckless, the Falange's Sub-caudillo for the white-van constituency of Rochester and Strood, defected along with his chief salesbeing without troubling to save his ex-colleagues the expense of printing propaganda with his name on it. This must be all the more galling since the pledges and policies would have been almost entirely indistinguishable; the major difference between a Real Conservative election leaflet and a screed from the Farage Falange is that the former uses more cyan and the latter more magenta. It's the toner, not the tone.

Anyway, the parlous financial position of the Real Conservative Party, with all those bankers and arms dealers still begging in the street and quite unable to help, means that indigenous Rochester and Strooders have been delving into their pockets to print propaganda for what turned out to be the wrong Mark Reckless. Accordingly, and in keeping with the principles of Osbornomic fiscal probity, the local party plans to spend more money on a lawsuit unless Reckless hands back £3000, or about one-fifth of the going price for sharing a trough with a cabinet minister. No doubt the Ministry of Justice will be more than happy to help: why, if not for such deserving cases as this, was Legal Aid ever invented?


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