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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Suckers Welcome

As many of us know to our cost, the parliamentary Deputy Conservatives have been highly disciplined in their voting, so that rebellions from Daveybloke's back-bench baboons have caused far more trouble to the coalition than rebellions over anything the Liberal Democrats once claimed to believe in. Nevertheless, the Deputy Conservative MP for Manchester Withington has been brave enough to use unpaid interns in his office, and is now the subject of a complaint to HM Revenue and Customs. Wee Nicky announced a ban on unpaid internships three years ago; but like one or two other announcements by Wee Nicky it promised a bit more than he could deliver: he cannot force his MPs not to use them. The aptly-named John Leech, however, has been advertising for unpaid labour with "an excellent standard of written and verbal communication along with an energetic can-do attitude", despite his office claiming that the lucky candidate will in fact do no real work, and that the MP's motives in offering the position are purely charitable and altruistic. Of course, many people become reckless in the face of more or less certain doom; and with a majority of less than two thousand, Leech has evidently decided that he may as well make a show of principled defiance on a matter close to his heart.


  • At 8:26 pm , Blogger David OBrien said...

    'There is growing concern that the young and unemployed are being exploited while those unable to work for free are being blocked out of valuable opportunities.'

    I love the phraseology here. Growing concern? Like The Guardian has noticed the problem out of the corner of it's eye and is very very slowly turning it's head towards it. Heaven forbid they should express an actual opinion on the matter.

    Oh yeah, leave poor Nick Clegg alone. He looks so sad these days. To be honest, the only reason that i'm looking forward to the elections next year is the prospect of the LD's getting a kicking. A Pyrrhic victory at best.

  • At 9:20 pm , Blogger Philip said...

    Of course one shouldn't pick on Cleggy No-Mates, especially as he'll soon be reduced to hanging around the back door of the Bullingdon Club, begging for admission as a guest of Danny Alexander and drinking his mineral water out of a bottle in a brown paper bag. One shouldn't, of course ... yet somehow the compulsion is there.


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