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Thursday, June 19, 2014

From Gazprom With Love

At last someone has discovered a plausible explanation for the widespread opposition to shale fracking. Foggy Rasmussen, the secretary-general of the North Atlantic Wog-Bombing Organisation, has been interpreting various allies and has detected the cunning hand of Russia behind it all. The evil empire has "engaged actively with so-called non-governmental organisations - environmental organisations working against shale gas - to maintain European dependence on imported Russian gas". Self-evidently, the recent arrest by the Russian authorities of Greenpeace protesters in the Arctic was nothing more than a fiendishly clever bluff; while the protests of various American citizens are merely the sad result of living under the notorious Kenyan Muslim Marxist who has cheated his way into the White House. Who, after all, could possibly have the slightest objection to their home's foundations being undermined, the occasional earthquake or hot and cold running methane from the bathroom taps, unless they had fallen for the evil promptings of SMERSH and Moscow Central?


  • At 4:48 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    TKAG (in South Africa - an organisation opposed to shale gas mining) has noted the allegations of Nato Chief Anders Rasmussen that Russia is secretly working with environmentalists to oppose fracking in Europe so that Europe will remain dependent on gas from Russia.

    For the life of us, apart from the entertainment value of such a ridiculous theory, we can’t understand how a person in such a senior position can make such a faux pas.

    As much as we might appreciate the help of Mr. Putin in opposing the environmental nightmare of shale gas mining, given the environmental reputation of Russia and its treatment of environmental activists we can’t see how this wild conspiracy could actually happen.

    Perhaps it's a case of NATO losing ground and looking for ways to deflect critical attention – this theory goes right up there with the words of our Minister Peters who said that shale gas is a gift from God.


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