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Friday, November 29, 2013

It is Not for Employment Commissioners to Comment on Employment

Though he undoubtedly considers himself a natural-born leader, Britain's Head Boy is in fact a public employee, and the British taxpayer subsidises his salary as well as his political errors. Britain's Head Boy has a gaggle of chums, all paid by the British taxpayer, who spend much time and energy squealing like anally-penetrated piggies about the feckless poor, the idle unemployed, the food-bank holidaymakers, the flooding immigrants, the skiving proles, the callous nurses, the qualified teachers, the benefit tourists, the crouchers behind the blinds and the thankless business of being a multi-millionaire tax dodger. Recently, Britain's Head Boy himself had a bit of a bluster in the Financial Times about protecting hard-working families from the migrant hordes, prompting the EU employment commissioner to warn that such yap might lead to the whole country being tarred with the Thatcherite nasty-brush. Well, no member of the Bullingdon Club takes kindly to criticism from a Eurocrat with a funny name; so, as befits a statesman and a gentleman, Daveybloke has gone whining to the president of the European Commission. Apparently Daveybloke considers himself an elected European leader, although all three terms are questionable and the last two are outright fantasy; he claims that the Government's lynch-mob posturing on immigration constitutes raising real and substantive concerns; and, sanest of all, he implies that any disagreement or note of disapproval is the same as dismissing the said concerns "without any discussion". It is not for those who are paid for by British and other, merely European, taxpayers to pass remarks about those who are paid for exclusively by real people.


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