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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Criminal Oversight

Some uppity scroungers in the hated public sector are complaining about the Government's asset-stripping of their workplace. The "Crown" in Crown Prosecution Service should deceive nobody; the CPS is a public asset and hence, like Royal Mail, ripe for privatisation, with the monarchy formally relegated to its proper constitutional role as just another corporate brand name. Accordingly, the CPS' budget has been slashed by more than a quarter, in order that more cases may be lost, more criminals let loose on our streets and (oh, the humanity) fewer people put in jail or handed over to the mercies of a contractor for profitable suffocation like G4S. The statutory watchdog has warned that cases are not being adequately prepared, and that police officers are taking over the duties of prosecutors without also assuming the duties of judge, jury and executioner which are so frequently necessary for them to get away with it. A recent kidnapping trial in Southwark collapsed on a technicality at a cost of three million pounds to the taxpayer, who fortunately can afford it just as well as ever; although it seems Chris Graybeing and his team have not yet decided whether the problem lay with the presumption of innocence alone, or with the rule of law in general.


  • At 10:58 pm , Anonymous Madame X said...

    Sounds like anarchy in the UK.

  • At 5:57 pm , Anonymous The Judge said...

    Nothing so tuneful, I'm afraid. Although "I Fought The Efficiently Outsourced And Economically Incentivised Administration Of Justice, And The Efficiently Outsourced And Economically Incentivised Administration Of Justice Won" has a certain...something.


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