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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Black Propaganda

Daveybloke has been having a bit of a burble about the claims of attempts by the police to mount a taxpayer-funded smear campaign against the Lawrence family. Stephen Lawrence's mother has been making rather a nuisance of herself, writing letters to Daveybloke and his little orange fag and attempting to undermine confidence in the Osborne economic miracle. Quite apart from wishing to save himself the trouble of setting up another Leveson and then ignoring its findings, Daveybloke is no doubt anxious to remind the lady of her proper place.

Accordingly, Daveybloke burbled that nothing is off the table at the moment, before burbling that an independent public inquiry is off the table for the moment. Instead, Daveybloke's mad old cat lady and civil liberties champion Theresa May has been dispatched with a note to Mark Ellison QC, who is investigating the original Lawrence murder investigation. Ellison has been told to look into allegations that the Metropolitan Firearms and Headbangers' Club bugged its meetings with the victim's friend Duwayne Brooks and his lawyer. In case Ellison should turn out insufficiently rigorous, Daveybloke has also asked the Metropolitan Firearms and Headbangers' Club to investigate itself which, as it so often does, should help clear things up in short order.

Meanwhile Jack Straw, the well-known enthusiast of truth, justice, kidnap and torture, has said that he will help out by referring the allegations about the smear campaign to the Independent Police Complaints Commission. Well, with Jack Straw and the IPCC on the case, who on earth needs an independent inquiry? Straw was also considerate enough to deny all knowledge of an undercover dirty-tricks unit being deployed against the Lawrences, just in case anyone might happen to wonder.


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