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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cutting In the Middleman

Atos Healthcare, the private company which Iain Duncan Smith pays to deprive people of benefits, has subcontracted its assessments in Scotland to the National Health Service: a move so surreal as to cause a certain dim disquiet even among Members of Parliament. Lanarkshire NHS will be helping Atos to assess the workshy for a new and reduced disability benefit which the Government hopes to start denying people from next year. The agenda behind the move seems to be twofold: first, "it means that consultations will take place where people feel most comfortable", which will provide a much-needed fa├žade of cosiness to the business of squeezing the disabled for profit; second, the consultations "will be conducted by health practitioners that have first-class expertise in dealing with the needs of disabled people", something Atos Healthcare and Iain Duncan Smith have apparently not considered necessary until now. The chair of the BMA's Scottish general practitioners' committee expressed the public-relations nature of the exercise with the hope that NHS involvement would mean "a reduction in the number of patients who feel that an unjust decision has been made", since obviously a reduction in the mere number of unjust decisions would undermine the Department of Work and Pensions' entire theological basis.


  • At 6:26 pm , Blogger ejh said...

    Relevant to your title if nothing else, a number of schools with whom I work (in Spain, not the UK) are now having to obtain teachers, previously allocated to them by the regional government, through agencies. This saves not a cent - rather the opposite, since the agency, with whom they are instructed to deal, takes a large cut. So rather than cut out a layer of bureaucracy, one is introduced, and rather than cut costs, they are increased.

    Still, that's not what the theology says, so that can't be happening.

  • At 7:42 pm , Blogger Philip said...

    At its more sophisticated levels, my understanding is that the theology does make dispensations for bureaucracy on the grounds of profiteering.


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