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Friday, September 07, 2012

Presentational Difficulties

One of the Reverend Blair's oldest chums has conceded that, even after all this time, the war on Iraq still suffers a few problems in the all-important matter of public relations. Lord Falconer, who "supported and continued to support the use of force" against the weapons of mass ethereality, shared a bathroom with Tony when their circumvention of the law was confined within the limits of a barrister's career. Later, as a Home Office minister, he is thought by some to have been one of Tony's instruments in dragging Peter Goldsmith's rubbery conscience towards the light of shock and awe. The twenty-fourth of this month is the tenth anniversary of the publication of a dossier which claimed that Iraq was procuring uranium from Niger and that Britain was forty-five minuted from doom; Lord Falconer, having spent the decade in profound ethical rumination, has now noticed that "the impression is that the government misled the country in relation to the reasons for war and embarked upon war in circumstances where there wasn't a proper justification". This means that the Iraq adventure "is unquestionably the issue that most defines Tony Blair in the British public's mind", although Falconer implied that one day other issues may take its place: prosperity theology, perhaps, or the famous outbreak of peace in the Middle East once Tony became its envoy. After all, many great persons see their reputations fluctuate and change. Even Tony's other chum, the Saviour, has not been altogether immune; though of course the Saviour had not the benefit of Lord Falconer's services as an evangelist.


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