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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

He Doesn't Bail Out Just Because the Plane Has Crashed

A poll by the Liberal Democrat Voice website indicates that only forty-six per cent of the membership think Wee Nicky should resign. Even more surprisingly, there is no indication that the remaining fifty-four per cent think he should be dragged out of office by the yellow stripe down his back and forced, ATOS-like, into work more suited to his various incapacities. It appears, then, that a distinction still holds between Liberal Democrats (viz. slightly less than half the membership of the Liberal Democrat party) and the Deputy Conservatives (viz. the wobbly-sphinctered rabble of directionless sell-outs who constitute Daveybloke's Commons majority). Liberal Democrats believe in things like a new, open politics, constitutional reform, a more realistic relationship with Europe, dismantling the database state, preserving the NHS and lowering tuition fees. The Deputy Conservatives either believe the opposite, or else regard most of these policies as cheap electoral tokens, fit only to be given up in return for dogsbody posts in a few ministries. Whenever they have tried to act otherwise, as on Lords reform or vetoing the Continent, the Bullingdon Club has had little difficulty in slapping them down. Accordingly, Clegg extruded a spokesbeing to praise his virtues and to state that the poll was not representative, presumably since it asked only the little people and not the ones with red boxes.


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