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Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Happy Compromise

Now that the voters, the National Health Service and the Liberal Democrat rank and file have been dealt with, the deputy Deputy Prime Minister has discovered a new and delightful target for the party leadership's addiction to stabbing people in the back. Rather than arguing that Twizzler Lansley's anti-NHS bill should be torn up and Lansley himself used for medical experiments (as is now being argued one way or another by most of the medical profession, much of the public, some of the Conservative Party and a few Liberal Democrats), Simon Hughes has hit upon the ideal Cleggite compromise: retain the bill, but fire the Twizzler anyway. Aside from sending the Government's approval ratings roaring through the stratosphere, this would send to other ministers a clear and unequivocal signal regarding their status as public servants: do your job and be well punished for it has been the Government's message to public sector personnel ever since the Conservatives and Deputy Conservatives signed that coalition agreement through which the Deputy Conservatives have so obligingly driven a coach and horses on the Twizzler's behalf. However, although it is true that Daveybloke has proclaimed his Full Support, which had such calamitous consequences for the former Foreign Secretary, Adam Werritty, it is not yet clear whether Daveybloke is prepared to bestow upon the Twizzler a form of favour which, in the natural order of things, should fall exclusively on lesser mortals.


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