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Friday, February 24, 2012

All the Difference

In the face of fears that Wee Nicky may be about to give them the treatment he has hitherto reserved for his voters, Daveybloke and his pet Twizzler have been prophesying apocalyptic consequences should the anti-NHS bill be further interfered with. Doom was invoked in a briefing document which Daveybloke and the Twizzler prepared for the occasion of a rah-rah of Conservative MPs at Portcullis House. Between admiring the taxpayer-funded fig trees, drooling over the plump dealings and brazen avarice of the new Cherie Booth and giving the Twizzler all the rapturous applause which is due a chap who may soon make way for one's own ministerial ambitions, the boys and their tokenettes were told of "chaos" if the bill should be changed. It would certainly be a Bad Thing for the NHS if chaos were to supplant the clarity and harmony we have now. If this encouraging trend continues, the Conservatives may soon start worrying about the chaos that might one day occur if we don't invade Iraq.


  • At 10:29 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    In March 2003, MPs felt that they had to vote for the invasion of Iraq because Blair had promised Bush that the UK would support the invasion and the UK armed forces had embedded themselves with the US armed forces and it would be pretty tricky to disentangle them. The only way to avoid a major political ruckus was for Goldsmith to change his mind and say that the invasion wasd legal without UN suport, and for MPs to vote for the invasion.

    In March 2012 it looks like MPs might vote for Lansley's Health Bill because Lansley has already begun implementing it and there will be chaos if it isn't rubber-stamped. And no doubt some political commentators will praise Cameron and Lansley for their political courage by forcing the Bill through by fait accompli.

    How long before MPs say "We won't get fooled again"?


  • At 10:48 pm , Blogger Philip said...

    In March 2003, MPS voted for the war with Iraq because it was what their leaders wanted them to do, and you have to go along if you want to get along. In March 2012, MPS will vote for the anti-NHS bill for precisely the same reason. The ones who say "We won't get fooled again" will be the ones who don't end up with little red boxes and chauffeur-driven cars while their party is in power, and many of them will doubtless be moved to seek consolation in less inefficient parts of the profiteering sector.


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