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Friday, October 07, 2011

Not Just Another Death in Lebanon

Syrian intervention quite unlike some, say decent folk

Syrian forces have crossed into Lebanon and shot dead a Syrian man in an incident completely unlike recent Allied victories in the war on terror in Pakistan and points elsewhere.

The individual had a name, Ali al-Khatib, and was killed by flesh and blood assassins rather than detrimented by a remote control toy. Both factors have led some Western commentators to brand the shooting "indiscreet".

The United Nations says that 2900 people have been killed in the crackdown by Syrian president and Bad Man Bashar al-Assad, who intends to prevent as many Arabs as possible from living the Blairite dream.

"If Assad goes on restricting his murders to this sort of scale, his continuing place in the international community is far from assured," said commentator Bradley Ichneumon, author of Manufacturing Indignation: Martin Amis, the Taxpayers Alliance and the Moral Majority Market.

In order to qualify for genuine statesmanship status, the Syrian leader should at least demolish a town once in a while, Dr Ichneumon said.

Unlike Britain and its allies, the Syrian authorities have blamed foreign-backed groups for the violence, and have claimed they are trying to prevent unauthorised weapons from doing somebody a mischief.

Almost 4000 Syrians have taken refuge in Lebanon, according to the United Nations, whose figures are not open to dispute when dealing with miseries which have not been inflicted by the Righteous State.


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