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Friday, October 28, 2011

How Green Was My Davey

As one would expect from the greenest government ever, Daveybloke's Cuddly Coalition does not intend to stop at mild rebuke of consumers for failing to keep the energy cartel in line, or at giving BP a license to slick up the Shetlands. Oh, good heavens, no. A premature ejaculation, hastily wiped away, from the Department of Energy and Climate Change, sets out cuts of more than fifty per cent in subsidies for the solar industry, which means that those who can afford to install solar panels will have to wait twice as long before gaining any financial benefit. As one would expect from Daveybloke's purveyors of compassionate conservatism, it also means that poorer households, which might have benefited from deals where the industry takes the subsidy in return for supplying the household with free power, will have to suffer the common lot of the undeserving. No doubt the resulting fuel poverty will help incentivise them into the job market.

The official announcement of the cuts is expected on Monday from that nice Mr Huhne, to give the Conservatives a bit of snigger-time after a nasty couple of weeks. Meanwhile, the Department of Energy and Climate Change extruded a spokesbeing to state that the documentation inadvertently published was, like many a ministerial promise, "neither final nor accurate".

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