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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fury at Observer Chilcot Horror

Exculpation expectation speculation inflation

The Ultimate Exoneration of the Reverend Blair may have been delayed until next summer, according to a non-story in the Observer today.

Relying entirely on speculation, an anonymous source and Private Eye, the Observer claims that a play by the wife of a Blair functionary may have influenced Sir John Chilcot to take another look at the evidence he has been examining for the past two years.

It is thought by the Observer that it is thought by Whitehall insiders that some of the play is "close to the truth", an advantage not always enjoyed by the testimony of people close to the Reverend Blair.

Chilcot is expected to put most of the blame on the safely retired head of MI6, who called the crusade to free Iraq into question by claiming that the US was fixing facts around policy.

It is expected that the Reverend Blair will be criticised, but speculated that he will not be criticised as strongly as expected in some speculations. It is thought by some at the Observer that this sort of thing is news.

It is speculated that, if before Operation Iraqi Liquidation the Observer had spent less time on fillers like this one and more on actual journalism, it might not have disgraced itself by adding its voice to the general media chorus baying for war.


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