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Saturday, October 08, 2011

But Can't the Nannies Help?

Small-societal and backsliding persons at Barnardo's have compiled a series of reports about the hundred and twenty thousand troubled families for which Daveybloke has pledged to do something or other before the next election comes around. Barnardo's has discovered what it calls, with studious politeness, a "tension between the government's drive to reduce the fiscal deficit as quickly as possible and the benefits of supporting children and their families with early intervention", although Barnardo's also claims that whatever money is spent on early intervention is repaid a dozen-fold. In fact, of course, the Government is not interested in saving money, still less in planning for the future of a few thousand feral yobs in the making, and certainly not in reducing the deficit which is the only real excuse it has for purging the country of its public sector. Daveybloke has made noises about getting five hundred workless families into employment - which, since all natural families comprise pater and mater and the little ones, and since any teenagers will of course be in jail, presumably translates as one thousand people, at least until the laws against child labour can be repealed. Unfortunately, the chief executive of Barnardo's let slip that she does not "think it's either you help families into work or it's nothing." Clearly, she still has a great deal of catching up to do before receiving Daveybloke's complete and labour-flexible super-size-societal satori.


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