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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Moral Cripples

The charitable sector, for which Daveybloke once had such high hopes as a potential source of free labour to replace the evil wage-claimants in the public sector, has put itself at some risk of losing its respected position at the base of the Big Society thingy. Two hundred and seventy charities for the disabled have gone all nasty and collective and are plotting to seek a judicial review of the coalition's plans to fine the disabled two thousand million pounds plus change. The charities contend that the Government's welfare abolition bill will have a disproportionate effect on disabled people and their families; for instance by ending the lowest rate of the care component of Disability Living Allowance so that six hundred and fifty thousand malingerers can be reclassified as fit for telesales, burger-flipping or the army. There are also plans to deprive disabled care home residents of mobility support, thus ending the interference of the nanny state and sending thousands of Southern Cross beneficiaries leaping from their beds and yelling for an opportunity to stack shelves at the local supermarket. Such miraculous recoveries will help to keep the unemployment figures down when those who can no longer afford to run an adapted vehicle are forced to give up their jobs.

The Department of Work and Pensions Withdrawal said that it was "premature to talk about a judicial review as the regulations do not go through until 2012", and it would be foolish to try and prevent a crime against our more vulnerable citizens when infinitely more profitable results can be gained from waiting until it's too late.


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