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Saturday, June 25, 2011

An Inspiring Example

We all know by now, because the Conservative Party has told us, that the cuts are nothing to be afraid of when properly done, and that front-line services are not being adversely affected and that any problems are the result of inefficiency or political malice in the relevant local authorities. For example, a militant Trotskyite council has forged an unholy alliance with the unmutual chavs of Oxfordshire to bring one of Daveybloke's favourite bits of his Big Society thingy to the verge of closure. A youth centre called Base 33, which Daveybloke has personally endorsed by going into Head Boy mode and handing out certificates of merit to people as long as they work there for free, has had its council funding cut and has also suffered a significant drop in donations from Oxfordshire's notoriously underprivileged citizens. As a result, it is unable to pay its rent, wages and electricity bills for this month, which means trouble as paid workers are typically uncomprehending of Daveybloke's Big Society thingy while landlords and utility profiteers are, of course, exempt. Base 33 is in Daveybloke's own constituency, so the Conservative Party has been "getting involved to ensure its survival"; though whether this involves sending Eric Pickles around to comfort the hoodies of Witney, or simply throwing some of Lord Ashcroft's cash at them, is as yet unclear.


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