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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Care Home Horror Fury

Ministers move to rectify BBC's attack on market forces

Downing Street has demanded a full report into the Castlebeck care home abuse scandal so that appropriate measures can be taken against the BBC.

The Department for Health Twizzlerisation at first insisted that the issue was purely a matter for the regulator, the local authorities and the NHS, all of whose teeth the Chancellor has had melted down to provide security for the banking sector.

However, the Government is thought to be deeply worried at the way in which the BBC Panorama programme was allowed to interfere with the workings of a private company.

"The questions will be about how can these stories of abuse arise," said a spokesbeing.

"The Government has made considerable progress in removing the dead hand of investigative journalism from the swan-like neck of the market, but there is still a long way to go."

There is also concern at the fact that a whistleblower was not only allowed to contact Panorama, but apparently suffered no financial penalties and has not yet been outed and vilified in the popular Press.

The Department for Health Twizzlerisation said last night that it was ensuring, through discussions with landlords, banks, Southern Cross and other trustworthy and compassionate people, that no-one would find themselves out on the street until the story had been properly forgotten.


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