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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Just A Social Visit

Daveybloke, the Cuddly Conservative, has been trying to revive the neither-a-fake-nor-a-hypocrite thingy which he first used on Jeremy Paxman some years ago and which, in the wake of fake promises on the NHS, hypocritical Blair-raids on Libya and the espionage adventures of his Cuddly Coulson, has since become slightly the worse for wear. There are many other examples to choose from, but the case in question was Daveybloke's being wined and dined by Rebekah Brooks, an ex-scumbag press editor and a Murdoch favourite, while the Government was trying to give the impression of weighing up the facts before approving News Corporation's bid to eat up another chunk of the country's infotainment industry. James Murdoch, the chair of News Corporation, apparently dropped in that evening as well. Daveybloke said that Brooks was married to an old friend of his, namely Charlie Brooks, who breeds racehorses and went to Eton with our chubby champion of the common folk; self-evidently, there is nothing inappropriate about cronyism if it's wearing the right school tie. Daveybloke further clarified matters by declaring that the decision by Jeremy C Hunt, the Secretary for Prolefeed, in favour of News Corporation's appetite was as great a surprise to him as to the rest of us. Daveybloke also indicated his approval of the spiffing job being done by Paul Dacre's Press Complaints Commission, and his lack of enthusiasm for placing any civilised restraints upon the minions of Rebekah Brooks and James Murdoch. Doubtless Daveybloke can rest assured that his own private life will remain unmolested for now.


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