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Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's About Fairness

In a comforting sign of continuity, the new Tony Blair has commissioned a new Lord Hutton to come up with some good excuses for him. The new Lord Hutton has been assuring everyone that his plan for forcing public sector workers to do more for less money is all about "good Labour values: fairness, looking after the low paid and trying to find a sensible deal for them". Well, of course it is. During his tenure as a New Labour apparatchik, Hutton epitomised such Labour values as helping single parents, looking after the sick, helping people back into work, sticking up for justice, showing respect for the law and even being the greenest government in history. Given all this clear blue water between him and the Conservatives, one can quite well imagine George the Progressively Regressive at the initial briefing, forcibly smirking the need for fairness into Hutton's skull: "Now remember, John, this isn't about saving money, this is about being fair." Hutton paid reciprocal tribute to Osborne's own social conscience by noting that we are all in this together: "We've all got to be part of meeting this enormous challenge of meeting rising life expectancy". Public sector workers who, thanks to the Government's savings on their salaries, are unable to help meet the challenge can always opt out and live on their inheritances, trust funds, bank shareholder bonuses and all the other things real people have.


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