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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fury at Remarks Horror

Silly filly bucks up

A spokesbeing for the non-governing wing of the Conservative party is facing calls for her dismissal after she was recorded conflating Muslims and other immigrants with poor people.

Karen Buck, the shadow Minister of Pay More and Work Till You Drop, said that the Government "don't want ethnic minority women and they don't want Muslim women living in central London".

The Minister for Ethnic Tokenism, Baroness Warsi, attacked Buck for using "race, religion and class for political point-scoring" against a deeply egalitarian, multicultural and pluralistic government of white male millionaires.

Buck also claimed that the Government was "deeply hostile to middle- and lower-income women having children", which experts say may be an exaggeration.

"In fact, the Government has no objection to anyone squeezing out another potential soldier, stockbroker or shelf-stacker," said political analyst Bradley Ichneumon.

"What it objects to is the idea that the Government should take any interest in the health, education or general welfare of these human resources at a stage in their careers when they are only potentially entrepreneurial."

Buck's remarks are likely to embarrass her leaders, who believe in doing exactly what the Government is doing, but in a stealthier and sneakier fashion.

All remarks made in public by front-bench spokesbeings have to be cleared in advance by the shadow prime minister and his Balls, in case any of them say anything which might be construed as left-wing.


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