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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Big Society Clarified Yet Further

Waves of Tory egalitarianism break against self-pity of benefit-claiming classes

Daveybloke's Big Society thingy has suffered further embarrassment thanks to the city of Liverpool.

City council leader Joe Anderson claimed (or "said", as the left-wing Guardian hath it) that the Government requirement (or "need" as the liberal Guardian hath it) to make £141 million of cuts in two years had put the future of hundreds of voluntary groups at risk.

The city is a well-known parallel vanguard in a substantial programme of activity into whicn it has put significant resources, according to the city council.

The city is an invaluable training ground which has demonstrated barriers and the wonders of deregulation and of the Government's localism bill, according to the Government.

Liverpool is well known for its comic regional accent and sense of self-pity, which has provoked the wrath of London mayor Boris Johnson.

Meanwhile, Lord Wei of Shoreditch has sought to clarify reports that he did not have time for Daveybloke's Big Society thingy.

The truth, as it turns out after some hurried phone calls by Daveybloke's cuddly replacement for Daveybloke's Cuddly Coulson, is that Lord Wei has only a little less time for Daveybloke's Big Society thingy than he had last year.

It also turns out that Lord Wei's duty to Daveybloke's Big Society thingy comes third after his duty to his family and the various communities, such as the Conservative Party, of which he is a part.

Lord Wei is quite indignant at the thought that, as Daveybloke's Big Society thingy tsar, he should be thought to have anything to do with bringing Daveybloke's Big Society thingy into being, and wishes it to be clearly understood that he is only a very small and humble thingy in a much bigger thingy.

The extent of public relief at these revelations is yet to be reliably gauged.


  • At 10:24 am , Blogger W. Kasper said...

    Is it just me, or does the coalition look like it's rapidly falling to pieces? Even Lord Ashcroft is treating it like a lame duck, isn't he?

    Why do I have the niggling feeling that as soon as certain corporations get their tax breaks sorted, our civil service will happily flush this government down the toilet?

    Of course a lot of people thought similar in 1982, so caution may be advisable...


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