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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some Seed Fell Among A Couple And Their Family, And Created the Right Ambience

The General Synod has clunk clunk sputtered magnificently to a close. The Archbishop of Canterbury, who in the past has urged his congregation to exercise tolerance in the face of heresy, compromise in the presence of sin, and sympathy in the doings of Tony Blair, asked his fellow worshippers of the Jewish apocalyptic preacher not to be too apocalyptic, and suggested that they remember "that we might have felt something of light, warmth and welcome from another"; presumably because remembering what one might possibly have done as a follower of Christ is a good deal more fun than remembering what one actually did.

The Anglican civil war continued to assert its moral relevance with a motion to relax rules on couples marrying in churches. "If we say no for whatever reason, we turn people away," worried an archdeacon who has witnessed queues of persons hoping to marry in hotels. "We have lost them because they have a hundred and one other places to go." On the other hand, "if we welcome them and their family and friends, and they have a magnificent day, then who knows where it will lead?" Long is the way and hard, that out of the Holiday Inn leads up to light.


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