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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Criminal Justice

Forces of societal non-bigness are massing to persecute Sir Peter Gibson, the judge whom Daveybloke has appointed to chair the Government's attempt to appear concerned over some waterboarding and the odd bit of genital mutilation. Gibson has been the intelligence services commissioner for the past four years, and during that time has thrice expressed the opinion that Britain's Great Gamers are "trustworthy, conscientious and dependable". A more pessimistic opinion, such as that expressed by Lord Neuberger this year, might have led the lesser breeds to imagine that Sir Peter Gibson was not earning his salary; which would have been patently unfair to a man who took on the onerous responsibility not only for doing his own job, but for supervising himself to make sure he did it properly. As such, Sir Peter Gibson is Daveybloke's ideal choice to determine, among other things, whether Sir Peter Gibson exercised an appropriate degree of rigour in his supervision of Sir Peter Gibson's work, and to avoid hurting the feelings of anyone who matters; but the legal charity Reprieve has butted in with an eleven-page cavil invoking, of all things, fairness to victims of torture. Daveybloke, as leader of a party which is the very definition of ruthless self-scrutiny, has responded by extruding a spokesbeing to say that Gibson has his full confidence; which ought to be enough for anyone. Certainly the Liberal Democrats, who were against torture and in favour of open government until about the middle of last May, do not appear to be complaining.


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