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Monday, January 25, 2010

Valued British Business Partner Killed in Iraq

The sovereign, independent Iraqi government has carried out a bit of good old-fashioned justice today - the sort of no-nonsense, pre-1960s, Texas-and-Saudi justice that moistens virtuous pleasure-gussets from Fox News through the Daily Mail to the birch-and-rope wing of the British Conservative Party. The execution is reported in appropriately sober terms by Britain's leading liberal newspaper, which refers to the beneficiary as Chemical Ali for the comfort of those readers who regard the presence of Arabic names in the headlines as contravening Enlightenment values. Should the Vicar of Downing Street or any of his choirboys ever fall victim to the Nuremberg precedent, no doubt Britain's leading liberal newspaper will report the stringing-up of B-Liar, Buff-Hoon and the rest with equal sensitivity.

Ali Hassan al-Majd, better known in Britain's leading liberal newspaper as Chemical Ali, was executed for crimes against humanity; specifically the use of chemical weapons against the Kurds during the 1980s, when Saddam Hussein was a chemical ally and trading partner to several members of the Coalition of the Willing. Britain's leading liberal newspaper does not mention the companies which sold Ali Hassan al-Majd the wherewithal to carry out the said attacks; nor has Britain's leading liberal newspaper anything to say about the response of the British government at the time. If I remember rightly, the response was to blame Iran, whose cities were being attacked with similar weapons. Nor does Britain's leading liberal newspaper mention any present efforts to track down, try and punish the people who ordered the use of depleted uranium and white phosphorous in Iraq during the early 2000s. Well, I wonder why that could be.


  • At 8:08 pm , Anonymous Madame X said...

    Because Donald Rumsfeld was responsible for both Chemical Ali's supply and the use of DU and white phosphorus.

    "What immortal hand or eye
    Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?"


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